Phi Sigma Kappa Alpha Chapter Alumni Association

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Things have never been better
for Alpha Chapter!

Over 100 active brothers strong and a
leadership role on campus.

The only thing missing is a strong and
financially secure Alumni Association
that can assure past successes continue.

This can't happen without your support.

Please consider contributing your time,
talents and a small monetary amount
to make the future brighter for the Chapter!
Over 100 years of use have left the house
in need of major repairs. Rents from the
active brotherhood can only cover
so much and much more needs to be done.

Recently the roof has been replaced and
thanks to the generous support of a group
of alumni the portico has returned.
The house still needs much more.

Please consider helping out with a small
recurring donation. Even $100 a year would
make a big difference. It would be a shame
to let the house fall further into disrepair
when the active brotherhood is so successfull.

By clicking one of the buttons above you can get more information about the Association,
the active brotherhood and how to become involved. We hope you will take the time to tour this site
 and we look forward to any questions you may have and your future involvement with this effort.

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