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PHI SIG Places 2nd in Greek Week After Triple Tie-Breaker


Congratulations to the active brotherhood for being recognized by The Grand Chapter for two years in a row. This year's awards

Recruitment Award

On Campus Service Award


leads resurgence of

Greek System at


An article in the current edition of the UMass Alumni Magazine credits Phi Sig as a leader in the resurgence of the Greek System on Campus


The active brotherhood has launched a website! Keep in touch with the current happenings at

"The House!!"


As some of you know at the end of the last century the chapter fell on hard times. The house had been condemned and was on the verge of foreclosure. A group of Alums stepped forward and led the effort to return the house to a habitable condition and pay off all debts. This effort required turning ownership of the house over to Grand Chapter so they could use their creditworthiness to obtain the funds to affect the necessary repairs and return the house to a sound financial standing. This agreement was structured to allow for the ownership to return to Housing Corp when the Chapter was back on it feet and things improved. The good news is things have never been better from the standpoint of membership with over 100 active brothers and at the end of 2016 ownership of the House was returned to Alpha Chapter!

Every alum and active brother owes a debt of gratitude to Grand Chapter.

Without  their efforts this could not have happened.

2017 First Annual PSK Gala

Thanks to the efforts of Alpha Chapter Alumni Association Vice President Patrick Rogers a group of almost 100 brothers, dates and wives attended the Gala on January 13 at the UMass Club in Boston. A great time was had by all.


 May 2017 PSK Newsletter

We look forward to hearing from you!


Unveiling of New Portico
Video Courtesy of Ben Hochberg

The Rededication and Unveiling of the New Portico was a complete success attended by over 200 brothers and guests.
More news and photos to follow.






The Association is able to accept credit card and PayPal donations via the website.

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Donations by Check can still be made as follows:

Please make checks payable to :

Phi Sigma Kappa Alpha Chapter Alumni Association, Inc.

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Phi Sigma Kappa Alpha Chapter Alumni Association, Inc.

c/o Jim Smith
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Dorchester, MA


If you are interested in becoming part of our organization please click the link below to register. This is the best way to assure you will be notified of all upcoming events and happenings.

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Renovated Chapter Room

Click Above for most current photos.

The most recent major renovation began at the end of May. Photos of the work completed on the downstairs bathroom and hallway.

Click here for the the plans



In the fall of 2009 a group of concerned Alumni met in Amherst to renew old friendships, make new ones, and develop a long term plan to sustain the property and success of the brotherhood.

From this gathering sprang this organization. We are dedicated to the preservation of the property and assuring that others have the same opportunity to learn and grow behind the doors of 510 N. Pleasant Street that we enjoyed.

The active brotherhood is strong. What became readily apparent is that income from rents is not sufficient to make the renovations and improvements that the toll of years of use have made necessary.

The Alpha Chapter Alumni Association is dedicated to providing funding to supplement normal income and make the improvements and repairs necessary to restore a grand old structure to its former state of excellence.

Please visit each of the pages on this site and consider what your time as an active Phi Sig meant to you. Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated.